Practicing Grit and Achieving Goals

Old School Grit by Darrin Donnely

I recently read “Old School Grit” by Darrin Donnelly. He uses his experience as a college football coach and game situations to illustrate important life lessons.  Though I am not a college athlete or even a young adult embarking out into the career world for the first time, I do believe the author provides valuable lessons that we all need to be reminded of.  Here are some key points I highlighted while reading that I hope others will also find helpful:

1. “Find what you love to do and find a way to make a living doing it.” (pg. 67)

2. “Nothing gets you more focused on a goal than having a mindset that says there’s no way to retreat.” (pg. 79)

3. “If you ever find yourself feeling down, I guarantee you have let your focus turn inward.” (pg. 92)

4. “You have to monitor your self-talk…you can’t talk down to yourself; you have to talk yourself up.” (pg. 109)

5. “I believe it’s all part of God’s plan.  Somewhere early in our lives, he leads us to something we have a deep interest in, something we’re really passionate about.  Turns out, we’ve been blessed with just enough talent to pursue that passion.  After that it’s up to each one of us to work extremely hard at developing the talent we’ve been given.” (pg. 117)

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