The First Time

(I wrote this poem many years ago to the rhythm and melody of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack)

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The first time, ever I heard of you
So far away, I looked to the sky
And prayed to the clouds, and sang to the rain

The first time, ever I met with you
You looked into my heart, and shined through the dark
And embraced my soul, you warmed me through

And the first time, ever I spoke to you
My heart quivered and tears filled my eyes
I trembled like a flower, in a gusting wind

The first time, ever I gave to you
You changed my life, and gave me love
And forgiveness too, you gave me hope

And now, since I have been with you
Pain of love still lingers, but I endure
Just like you once did, for us to see
...and to follow...

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